Is sincerity on the way out?

Sincerity is a great value and quality.

Sincerity, this beautiful value as well as those that are attached to it: frankness and honesty are disappearing little by little. It's getting worse and worse. We could also talk about respect and a lot of others. But let's stay on this simple value that is so much appreciated.

We must remember that beyond being a sacred value, sincerity is a quality. It is linked to frankness because being sincere is expressing what you think. It is a way of being authentic. It is also the fact of being open-minded.

Unfortunately, what is happening right now is the opposite... People are bluffing, acting, hiding, lying and becoming hypocrites. All this to satisfy their own needs or ego.

Of course, one can be sincere but not only in a good way. It is also saying the wrong things. I could summarize this in one word: truth.

Teach your children these beautiful values before they are gone for good.

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