Do you really know what autism is?

Autism is a human neurodevelopmental disorder defined by difficulties in social interaction and communication as well as restricted, repetitive and stereotyped behaviors and interests (Wikipedia).

The symptoms are numerous such as a delay in language that is not even compensated by other modes of communication such as gestures. The child does not understand what is being said and expresses himself with words rather than sentences. This can also be an abnormal way of communicating with others. There are also behavioral problems. It is important to know that a person with autism is dependent on particular routines and rituals. They may be hypersensitive to touch, to senses such as hearing or sight, or to pain. They can be aggressive in their actions against themselves and throw tantrums.

Unfortunately, autism cannot be cured, but appropriate care can improve functional abilities to interact with the world around them.

Remember that autism is not a mental illness but is recognized as a handicap. It is not necessarily associated with mental retardation. Some people have a very good intellectual level. On the other hand, we still do not really know the causes.

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